Animal/pet incinerator

Structure: Horizontal
Dimensions (mm): 1080*680*700-2850*1750*1720 (customizable)
Power (kw): 0.44-3.51 (customizable)
Chimney (mm): Φ140*6m-Φ620*6m (customizable)
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Product description

This set of equipment realizes the high temperature inactivation, sterilization and disinfection, harmlessness, and stability treatment of animal carcasses to prevent the second spread of germs. It is an ideal choice for animal carcasses treatment in farms, slaughterhouses, pet hospitals, zoos.

Product features
Animal/pet incinerator
  • 01

    Smokeless and odorless, meeting emission standards

    The emission from the incinerator is smokeless and odorless, meeting the emission standards.
  • Animal/pet incinerator
  • 02

    High temperature pyrolysis gasification technology

    New high-temperature pyrolysis gasification technology, high-temperature incineration treatment, safe and pollution-free.
  • Animal/pet incinerator
  • 03

    Simple structure and easy operation

    Automatic control system, automatic temperature control, digital display, easy to operate and use.
  • Applicable places
    Applicable places
    Product parameters
    Model Land area(㎡) Power(kw) Chimney(mm) Weight(kg) Operation voltage(V)
    HLPG-20-3 1080*680*700 0.44 Φ140*6m 1500 380or220
    HLPG-30-3 1100*820*700 0.63 Φ159*6m 2000 380or220
    HLPG-50-3 1500*1150*1120 0.81 Φ219*6m 3000 380or220
    HLPG-150-3 2000*1260*1350 1.14 Φ219*6m 6500 380or220
    HLPG-300-3 2200*1580*1650 1.97 Φ530*6m 12000 380or220
    HLPG-500-3 2850*1750*1720 3.51 Φ620*6m 15000 380or220
    Combustion + Flue gas process

    Combustion + Flue gas process

    Combustion Process
    • 01The sorted garbage enters the primary combustion chamber in batches at a predetermined time
    • 02By controlling the amount of air intake, the garbage is dried, thermally decomposed and burned out in the primary combustion chamber, and ash and some small particles that cannot be thermally decomposed are discharged out of the furnace through the ash discharge device
    • 03The flue gas generated during drying and thermal decomposition enters the secondary combustion chamber
    • 04The combustible gas is fully decomposed by 2S at more than 850°C and discharged to the subsequent treatment process
    Flue gas process
    • Stage1 Stage1The high temperature gas discharged from the secondary combustion chamber is treated by the flue gas scrubber, and the temperature is reduced from 850°C to 180°C in 2s, which effectively overcomes the secondary synthesis conditions of dioxin; secondly, being atomized by the special nozzle , it performs synchronous disconnection Sulfur Denitrification.
    • Stage2 Stage2Under the action of cyclone dust removal of the medium-efficiency dust collector, the particulate matter in the gas and the large particulate matter generated during the deacidification process would be separated from the cooled and desulfurized gas effectively.
    • Stage3 Stage3The exhausted flue gas is then treated effectively by a high-temperature pulse bag dust collector to filter remaining dust, heavy metals, dioxins and other components attached to the fine particles to effectively ensure that the exhaust gas treatment meets the standard.
    • Stage4 Stage4After precision filtration by the bag dust collector, the flue gas is discharged through the chimney under the action of the centrifugal fan.
    Value-added services
    • 01 Support on-demand customization
      to meet individual needs
    • 02 Customized garbage
      disposal volume
    • 03Customized appearance
      of waste incinerator
    • 04 Customization of waste
      incineration type
    One-stop engineering service

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